Top-five Ultimate Questions to Assess Culture Fit

You don't have to struggle to evaluate if the candidate's right for your team! Ask these five questions on the job interview and find a perfect match candidate with these five best culture fit questions. Spend your time building your product, not worrying about a wrong hire.

"Describe the company's culture you'd comfort to work with?"

This question is a direct way to understand the type of work environment in which the candidate thrives. It provides insights into their values, working style, and interpersonal dynamics and helps you ascertain if these align with your company's culture. A mismatch could lead to discomfort or disengagement on the part of the candidate, affecting their productivity and potentially the team's morale. So, culture fit questions can save you from a wrong hire.


"Which of your past jobs would you boomerang to? Why?"

The rationale behind this culture fit interview question is to understand what elements of previous roles the candidate particularly enjoyed or found fulfilling. If they mention aspects that are present in your company or the position they're interviewing for, they may be a good fit. Conversely, if they strongly prefer elements your company cannot offer, it might hint at a potential misalignment.

"What companies you're interested in? And why?"

This question helps gauge a candidate's career aspirations and values. The companies a candidate admires can reflect their ambitions and principles. It's an excellent way to see if they value the same things your company does. For instance, if a candidate admires a company known for its innovation and your company also prides itself on being innovative, it could suggest a good culture fit.


"Describe the perfect manager you've been working with."

This question gives an insight into the candidate's expectations of leadership and their preferred management style. It can help determine whether they would work well with the manager they would report to if hired. A misalignment in management style can lead to conflicts, misunderstandings, and decreased job satisfaction.

"What is your definition of 'stress'?"

This question is a way to understand a candidate's stress tolerance and how they deal with pressure, which is crucial in fast-paced or high-stress environments. It can also shed light on their emotional intelligence, resilience, and problem-solving skills. How they define and handle stress can significantly impact their performance, job satisfaction, and overall fit within the team and company.


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