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SimplePractice is the industry-leading practice management software for health & wellness professionals to manage their businesses, with features like AutoPay, online booking, Telehealth, and customizable documentation and notes. The company's HQ is in Los Angeles / California while an R&D team is mostly located in Ukraine.


The challenge

An unusual combination of Ruby on Rails and Ember.js was always a mountain to climb when it came to hiring for SimplePractice. On top of that, we had to look for very experienced engineers with a product mindset who'd work with complicated software with thousands of active users.
Even before starting our search, we already anticipated that we would struggle with Ember.js experience requirements as it's a rare tech. We agreed to a long-term project, so we eventually sourced almost every Ukrainian engineer who has previously worked with Ember – utilizing all of LinkedIn, X-Ray, Github and Ember.js professional community searches together. We have built a talent pool of more than 500 candidates that we actively engaged with over the course of the project.


All in all, we filled nine positions in almost ten months in 2020-2021. We still partner with SimplePractice, occasionally helping to backfill attrition – that works well thanks to the talent pool we have built initially.




What clients say about our partnership

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    Oleg Zaremba

    CTO, Co-founder at AXDRAFT

    VeryBusy helped us complete our team hiring and provided the necessary data and analytics to convince our partners at any given time. I really enjoyed the numbers-driven approach to recruiting and dedication to streamline the process on all sides employed by VeryBusy.

    April 28, 2022

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