Unstoppable Domains: talent boost for scaling! 5 specialists hired in 6 months

Unstoppable Domains is #1 provider of NFT domains on blockchain.As a rapid-growth startup headed to IPO, Unstoppable Domains hired aggressively across global markets with the goal to become a team of 350 professionals by the end of 2022, and VeryBusy was chosen as their local recruitment partner agency in Ukraine.


The challenge

Finding skilled JavaScript/TypeScript engineers willing to embark on the journey with a Web3/Blockchain company is difficult, especially so in the overly competitive Ukrainian market in 2021. At the time, there were three openings per tech candidate and more than seven per candidate for senior positions. Apart from really niche experience requirements, it was very complicated to fight for candidates’ attention and get them interested; not to mention keeping them engaged in multi-step big tech-style developer interviews.


By utilizing an individual approach we were able to support our client during the most critical time in their engineering team growth, filling 5 roles in E-Commerce and DevTools teams in Ukraine. By the time when our project was close to an end, Unstoppable Domains had built an internal recruiting function capable of fulfilling their needs.




What clients say about our partnership

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    Kateryna Furtak

    Head of Business Development at Unstoppable Domains

    Unstoppable Domains has been working with VeryBusy Recruiting on several technical roles. VBR has successfully closed difficult engineering positions for us within a short period of time. We have always been looking for top-tier engineers across different departments and cooperation with VBR really helped us to reach recruitment goals for the company. The whole team was very helpful and professional. The communication was smooth and quick - that helped us to move candidates promptly across the pipeline. The level of the candidates presented was high. The VBR team dives deep into the company's requirements and specifics of the product and can successfully conduct screening interviews and support the candidate during the whole process of the interview. Would highly recommend this company as a great recruitment partner!

    May 11, 2022

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